For more than a year now, Georgetown University has been training a bulldog by the name of J.J. to become its next mascot. J.J.—the son of a bulldog named Jack who retired earlier this year after ten years on the job at GU—has learned everything that he needs to know in order to become the next mascot for the Hoyas. But earlier today, Georgetown announced that J.J. will not be the new mascot of the school. Instead, they're taking him off the job and…well, we don't know what they're going to do yet. But for now, they won't have a mascot.

"After 15 months of monitoring and training in consolations with these experts and the breeder," Georgetown said in a statement given to The Hoya, "we determined that returning to a home environment is what is best for J.J."

And it's causing an uproar out there in the world. Georgetown fans are upset. Georgetown students are upset. And we're hearing that even Outkast—yes, Outkast!—is upset. After all, they have to go back and change Big Boi's lyrics on "Rosa Banks" now. "Bulldoggin' hoes like them Georgetown Hoyas" only makes sense if GU has a bulldog as a mascot!

On a serious note, we hope that Georgetown finds a new mascot soon. It's going to be weird enough seeing them play in the new Big East later this year. We hope we don't have to see them play without a mascot, too.

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