A society of beta males and overreacting school administrators are erasing the greatest game in PE history because one overprotective parent complained. No, seriously. That’s what happened earlier this year in a New Hampshire school district. School board member Stephanie Wimmer, who voted in favor of the ban, said “When I saw the names of some of these (dodgeball) games, unfortunately guys, we live in a world where 20 babies were slaughtered,”  she was comparing dodgeball to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Dodgeball isn’t Sandy Hook (why do we even need to type that?). The comparison is so beyond insane that we need a more extreme adjective than "batshit." About a month ago the ban was overturned, but the battle’s nowhere near over. New Hampshire’s temporary ban actually followed the recommendation from the National Association of Sport and PE, a non-profit which “sets standards for school sports.” “Not all students are able to participate equally.” Hmmm, sounds like every other fucking class in school. A weak argument by an organization that probably had its fair share of struggles in gym class. Thus explaining its place on our list.