When you think of the original custom car lifestyle magazine, you think DUB. Since 2000, when the mag was launched, DUB has turned into more of its ownstyle than just a publication about the cars. These days, people use Dubs to refer to large rims, there have been plenty of DUB diecast toys, there was a Midnight Club: DUB Edition video game, and most importantly, there is a multi-city DUB Show Tour that travels around the U.S. showcasing huge numbers of the wildest custom cars around.

This year, they've already hit Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and Memphis. Still to go is Atlanta, Houston, Anaheim, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. At the halfway point, we've gone through the DUB Show Tour Facebook and found a bunch of the insane custom cars that have already hit the floors. Click through and check them out. 

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