Late last month, we told you about "Love," a kitten that was saved from the engine compartment of a Honda Fit after taking a 1,000-mile trip from Oregon to California. It was a crazy tale of survival, and we still can't believe that Love managed to stay alive throughout the duration of the trip. But truth be told, it's actually pretty common for cats to climb up inside of car engines. Dogs? Eh, not so much. That makes this next story even more incredible.

Recently, a dog who is now being referred to as "Road Dog" managed to climb up into an engine inside of a PT Cruiser in Hallandale Beach, Fla. And not surprisingly, he got stuck when he did. But that was only the beginning of his troubles. A few minutes after he got stuck, the couple who owns the PT Cruiser got into it, turned on the engine, and started driving. But they noticed something was off after about ten miles. So they pulled over and discovered that—surprise!—a dog was stuck in their car. He was lodged between the steering mechanism and an axle.

The couple sprung into action immediately. They called the local sheriff's office, who sent out a rescue team to free Road Dog. And within just minutes, they were able to remove one of the PT Cruiser's wheels and free him from the engine. He looked shaken up but didn't have any major injuries.

"It appeared outwardly that there were no injuries," a rescue spokesman said. "This was one lucky dog who actually had more like nine lives."

You can say that again. Watch the dramatic Road Dog rescue below.

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[via New York Daily News]