When the Knicks tried to buy their success during the short-lived and much-maligned Larry Brown-Isaiah Thomas era, Eddy Curry was supposed to be their centerpiece. Instead, he became a poster boy for the failure of those times. The Knicks handed him a $56 million contract back in 2005, and he's managed to burn through all of that.

In 2010, his house was foreclosed and his expenses were detailed for the public to awe and gawk at. Or just throw up at. He took out a $570,000 personal loan at a suicidal 85 percent interest rate, and had a litany of bills: payments for 17 cars, $6,000 a month for a personal chef, a $350,000 mortgage, $17,000 a month rent for another home, $15,000 a month allowances for his parents, sister, and in-laws, and $30,000 on "household expenses." OH MY GOD HOW DO YOU SPEND $30,000 ON GROCCERIES AND UTILITIES? He must've been dropping grips on lobsters at Costco daily AND leaving every single light on in the house at all hours. Wasteful, wasteful, WASTEFUL.