Hey, Iowa cops, when it comes to the Governor of your state, stop snitching! That is, until you want to lose your job.

Back in April, Iowa Special Agent in Charge Larry Hedlund was off-duty when he observed an SUV fly by him on an Iowa highway. He was driving in a state-owned vehicle but was unable to follow the SUV, so he called for someone who was on-duty to help him out and pull the SUV over. The only problem? The SUV was being driven by a state trooper who was driving Iowa Governor Terry Branstad around. So the on-duty cop that Hedlund called didn't bother pulling it over.

That didn't sit well with Hedlund, who filed a complaint to his superiors when he found out that the on-duty cop had let Governor Branstad off the hook. He believes that, Governor or not, the SUV posed a potential risk to the public. And what did he get for trying to do the right thing? A pink slip! After a two month investigation into the matter, the Iowa police fired the 25-year veteran for—get this—driving a state-owned vehicle while off-duty.

Sound insane to you? Yeah, us too. We could understand telling Hedlund to STFU. But firing the guy seems a tad drastic, especially when he was just trying to do his job.

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[via Jalopnik]