It's hard to be a Cleveland Browns fan. How hard? Well, just take a look at the obituary of lifelong Browns fan Scott E. Entsminger. In it, the former Browns season-ticket holder provided a simple request for his favorite team after he passed away last week.

"He respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pallbearers," the obituary, which ran in the Columbus Dispatch, said, "so the Browns can let him down one last time."

Damn! And it sounds like the Browns are, in fact, going to let him down—just not in the way Entsminger envisioned. Instead of sending six Browns players to serve as pallbearers, the Browns are sending Entsminger's family a customized Cleveland jersey with his name on the back. It's a nice gift, for sure. But is it really too much to ask six Browns players—even six former Browns players—to show up to the funeral to help repay Entsminger for all his years of loyalty? We sincerely hope that a few Browns get wind of this and fulfill the man's dying wish. He clearly deserves it.

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[via Barstool Sports]