Angels pitcher CJ Wilson doesn't drink alcohol, do drugs, or anything of the sort. Also, he's engaged to the beautiful Lisalla Montenegro and races cars in his spare time. Nothing here screams controversy or Thug Life.

But let's take it back when Wilson was navigating through the teenage years. A look at his yearbook shows he was—or claimed to be, because what yearbook doesn't have that one person trying to do something ridiculous—about that life:

It says "Thugluv 2 NS,SB, the DPMVC, NFC4LIFE. Chix Dig Me. 2PAC lives!” Could it be an oddball reference to that one episode of The Boondocks featuring Gangstaliscious? Maybe it's a Ja Rule shoutout? That would be cool, but a quick glance at his age shows unless he could predict the future, that couldn't be the case. The 2Pac reference definitely deserves some kudos, though.

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[via For The Win]