The more often you use your credit card and the more places you use it, the more likely it is that your credit card number is going to be out there, at some point, for anybody to see. Thanks to a Citi Bikes error, 1,174 people can now say that their personal information has been breached. 

According to NYC Bike Share LLC, an "error log" was “briefly accessible” on its website on April 15th. It wasn't until last week that the people who were possibly affected were alerted. 

“Notifications such as these are standard legal disclosures in any case where there is even the potential for information to have been improperly accessed,” Seth Solomonow, a DOT rep wrote in an email. “While there is no evidence that any personal information was maliciously accessed or misused, NYC Bike Share engaged a security firm to investigate and recommend appropriate steps to make notifications and safeguard its customers, including to provide identity and credit monitoring free of charge.”

To make matters worse, the problem wasn't even found until the end of May. May! The problem wasnt' fixed for more than a month. 

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[via WSJ]