It's clear the Lakers haven't been having a great offseason with the departures of Dwight Howard and Metta World Peace; acquiring Chris Kaman just doesn't cut it. But with all that has happened this summer in both music, pop culture, and sports world, it's easy to forget how tough it's been for the purple and gold. Fortunately, Charles Barkley tactlessly reminded fans about their problems in an interview with ESPN's Cole Wright, because problems don't simply go away by forgetting them kids.

So is the door closing for the Lakers' championship hopes?

Window closing? It’s boarded up. Let me tell you something…the windows ain’t closed, the window’s boarded up like a hurricane’s coming. The Lakers are gone.

I love Kobe Bryant. He’s going to come back and probably play pretty good, but the Lakers are gonna stink, bro. The Lakers stink.

And note how assertive he is as he's talking in the video above. He doesn't care about feelings; he's only trying to be honest. It seems like Barkley hasn't been caring about losing fans this week.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]