Last week, reports out of Los Angeles indicated that the Lakers are going to try and acquire LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony during the NBA free agency period in July 2014. So when TMZ spotted Carmelo out in Hollywood earlier this week, they jumped at the chance to ask him about possibly signing with the Lakers after the 2013-14 NBA season. But for whatever reason, they didn't come right out and ask him about it. Instead, they asked him stuff like, "How well do you think you and LeBron would play together on an NBA basketball team?" and "Can you see yourself in a purple and gold outfit?"

Um, an outfit?!? Yeah, it was weird. And by the end of the interview, we still had no idea whether or not Carmelo would ever consider playing for the Lakers. We didn't really expect him to offer up much info anyway. But with the way the TMZ videographer phrased his questions, we stood no chance of learning anything.

Watch the awkward interview in the clip above.

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[via TMZ]