Still no news about Alex Rodriguez? Still no news about Alex Rodriguez. Even though it feels like Major League Baseball is thisclose to handing A-Rod a gigantic suspension, we still haven't seen or heard anything about what that suspension will entail.

We do have a pretty great photo of MLB Commissioner Bud Selig for you, though! It was sent to Deadspin earlier today and features Selig—smiling Selig—standing next to a kid wearing a shirt that says "A*ROID" on the front of it back in 2009. We're sure Selig didn't see the shirt before he agreed to take the photo with the kid. But it's still a pretty priceless shot and will no doubt be plastered across the top of every single blog post related to A-Rod from here on out. As it should be.

What a photo.

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[via Deadspin]