For sports fans, the summer usually means finding other ways to entertain ourselves during the long break from NFL and NBA action. For our favorite athletes, the summer appears to be a period that’s becoming increasingly harder to just stay out of trouble. In particular, the NFL seems to be having a serious problem keeping their players off the back pages, and out of cuffs. More than 40 NFL players have already been arrested this year, a 75 percent spike from 2012. Perhaps the NFL and other leagues need to institute some sort of summer camp for their players when the leagues are not in season, because whatever they’re doing, or not doing, isn’t working at the moment. There have been countless DUI’s, various assaults, and a dance party or two along the way. From Cedric Benson’s boating while intoxicated, to Chad Johnson’s head-butt, check out, A Recent History of Athlete Offseason Shenanigans.

*Note: Serious alleged crimes like Aaron Hernandez's murder charge or the Kobe Bryant rape trial from 2003 were left off this list.*

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