Al Jefferson apparently doesn't care about winning an NBA championship. Rather than re-sign with the Utah Jazz—a team that came thisclose to making the 2013 NBA Playoffs in a tough Western Conference last season—Jefferson has reportedly decided to sign a new deal with…the Charlotte Bobcats. Even though they're not built to win a title anytime soon—or finish above .500 for that matter—Jefferson liked the three-year, $41 million contract that they offered him earlier this week. So he will reportedly sign it on July 10 when NBA free agents are allowed to make their new deals with teams official.

Jefferson's new contract does feature a player option for the third year, meaning Jefferson could choose to bolt if he's not happy playing for the franchise. But either way, he's going to spend the next two years playing for a team that is, frankly, just bad. We hope he's able to change the culture a little bit down in Charlotte. But…yeah, we won't hold our breath. The paychecks will be nice, though. Right, Al?

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[via ESPN]