Aaron Rodgers is kind of pissed at Ryan Braun right now. And really, can you blame him? Once upon a time, Rodgers put his entire 2012 salary on the line for Braun. He said that there was no way Braun used or was using performance-enhancing drugs. So when Braun came out earlier this week and admitted that he did use PEDs in the past, Rodgers was just as shocked as everyone else. He was also upset with Braun for lying to him.

"I was shocked," he said, "I really was, just like many of you were. I was backing up a friend. He looked me in the eye on multiple occasions and repeatedly denied these allegations and said they were not true. So it is disappointing, not only for myself as a friend, but for obviously Wisconsin sports fans, Brewer fans, really baseball fans. It doesn't feel great being lied to like that and I'm disappointed in the way it all went down."

Rodgers, who owns a restaurant called 8-Twelve with Braun, said that he has talked to Braun since MLB suspended him for the remainder of the season. But he wouldn't elaborate on what they talked about or whether or not they'll continue to run a restaurant together. But after everything that has happened, we wouldn't blame Rodgers one bit if he decided to move on.

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[via Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel]