In sports, it's one thing to fight, but a whole other thing to bite. Sometimes, when another guy has been pushing you to the edge, you can't help but shove him away or throw a punch. We all know how those sorts of things can get out of hand (see: the Malice at the Palace) but, for the most part, these brawls are just a part of the game. Tensions boil over, simmer down, and then heat up again. We all move on. When biting gets thrown into the equation, though, things can get a little, well, weird. As we've seen with Mike Tyson, Marv Albert, and Luis Suarez, it's always a good idea to just keep your teeth to yourself. Today's the anniversary of Tyson's suspension from boxing by the Nevada State Athletic Commission as punishment for the Evander Holyfield biting incident in 1997. From the strangely sexual to the downright insane, we've got all the bases covered in our History of Biting in Sports.

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