The torch was passed and the clock's ticking on the best QB in the league. He needs to win another championship if only to shove it up his predecessor's hole. Aaron's got one, Brett got one (if anyone cares Bart Starr has two), but like a family that relies on air conditioning, that window's closing. In this league, your career is always one James Harrison bull-rush away from extinction and in a conference with Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, 29 years old can start to feel, well, old. Rodgers knows if you're facing a lifetime as a vegetable do it right with all the nurses admiring your hardware.

So Aaron will be getting drunk on workahol in a career defined by the enormous chip he's had on his rocket right shoulder (from getting one major college offer, to having to wait "all the way" to 24th overall, to having to backup a wishy washy legend). This is the summer Rodgers goes all out treading tires in the yard and firing lasers to the kids in the neighborhood until their hands are blistered and they "need" to go in. Little kids are pussies, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are not. The Year of Rodgers starts in July.