We secretly love these people, especially when they show up right in front of our favorite ice cream spot. It's always fun to see some free entertainment as we eat our delightful treat. You can see them coming a mile away. The stop in the middle of the street, not next to the front car like you're supposed to. Then they proceed to immediately cut the wheel as far as it goes, so the car is practically full-on backing into the spot. Of course, they eithe realize they're doing terrible or hit the curb and pull forward. Then they do the exact same thing again. Then they'll do it again. They MIGHT unknowingly hit one of the cars, and for a second, you think they're going to stop. Then they pull forward and try again. Usually, they'll just accept screwing up their suspension and parking with one tire on the curb, or they'll admit defeat and drive away after the ninth failure. Could we have stepped up and given them a little bit of guidance? Of course. But they were driving a mini cooper and were on their cell phones at the same time, so they didn't exactly deserve our treasured knowledge.