As readers of Complex RIDES, you've seen that we aggregate news from all over the web. We are constantly checking a large list of blogs for the most recent news, the craziest videos, interesting car spots, and whatever Mario Balotelli has been driving lately. We also attend plenty of auto events, so we're constantly around people from our industry, whether they are designers, promoters, PR people, or other bloggers. That final one, the word bloggers, though, doesn't really represent what we deal with.

Bloggers are like an entire species, and we've come to learn that there is a large amount of different breeds. Not all bloggers are alike, but as we continue to meet more and more of them, we've begun to notice certain trends among them. We've taken these observations and jotted down a few notes. Take our lesson in Internet characterization with this list of 13 Types of Car Bloggers.

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