Remember when Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson were running all over the football field as members of the Cincinnati Bengals back in 2010 and calling themselves Batman and Robin? Apparently, that was more than just a big show designed to get both of them more attention. It sounds like the former teammates also developed a real friendship during their single season together and have remained in contact since.

T.O. proved it over the weekend by making a trip to see Johnson in jail. He called his trip to the county jail "humbling" and put CJ's trip to the slammer into its proper perspective by breaking down how hard it was to see Johnson locked up:

Johnson should find out today if he'll be able to get out of jail soon, thanks to a motion filed by his lawyer last week, or if he'll need to serve his full 30-day sentence before being released. Either way, we think he's learned a lesson here and won't be heading back to jail anytime soon once he gets out.

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[via NFL]