Terrell Owens refuses to retire. No, really. He simply refuses to do it. Much like Allen Iverson—who, for whatever reason, hasn't given up on the idea of playing in the NBA again one day—the 39-year-old T.O. doesn't seem to know how to take a hint. He didn't receive a single call from an NFL team last season after getting cut by the Seahawks during training camp last August. Yet, he continues to petition for one final chance to play in the league.

"I think a lot of it has to do with my reputation," he told the NFL Network's "NFL AM" show earlier today while discussing the lack of interest in him. "Things I've done earlier in my career. But I'm a changed person. I'm a little bit more mature than I was in years past…I know I can still play the game and it's a matter of somebody just giving me the opportunity to go out there and play."

We have to admit that we sort of feel for T.O., much like we sort of feel for A.I. Both guys were great during their respective careers. But neither got the opportunity to go out and retire on their own terms. Then again, we also feel like both of them did have the chance to make things right towards the end of their playing days and didn't handle their situations properly. So they really don't have anyone but themselves to blame for where they are at this point in their careers.

All of that being said, good luck, T.O. But we don't think it's gonna happen, man.

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