Hey, kids: Do not try this at home! 

Recently, 17-year-old Daniel Jensen came up with the bright idea to film himself jumping over a speeding car. He had one of his friends drive her vehicle at about 40 mph in his direction. He had another friend point a camera at the car. And then, he attempted to jump over the car that was coming right at him. The only problem? Jensen didn't come anywhere close to making it over the car. Instead, the car clipped his legs and caused his whole body to flip over.

Miraculously, Jensen wasn't hurt in the accident. In fact, he landed on his feet after flipping and had the wherewithal to run over to the car to comfort the driver, who sustained a shattered windshield in the accident. But this video could have ended much, much differently. Specifically, it could have ended with Jensen breaking a leg, cracking his skull open, or worse…

"Somehow I ended up doing a side flip and when I opened my eyes I saw the ground and pictures of my legs and her windshield and all that," Jensen wrote on his YouTube page. "I was in so much shock I just ran away from the car trying to get my mind together."

We hope he succeeded in getting his mind together. We also hope that he never, ever tries to pull another stunt like this again. He got lucky here. But he might not be as fortunate the next time.

[via The Sideshow]