The San Antonio Spurs put on an impressive performance last night. How impressive? So impressive that every sports columnist in America has written some sort of "THE MIAMI HEAT ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE!" piece for today. But the truth is that the Spurs are only up 2-1 in the series and still need to win two games to claim the NBA championship. So the NBA Finals are far from over, and all the Heat need to do is win Game 4 to make it a series again.

Don't tell that to the San Antonio fans in this video, though. Last night, they partied like their team won the title. They took to the streets dressed in Spurs gear and rode around in pickup trucks with stuff like "Spurs Nation" and "Puro Pinche Spurs" written on them. Basically, they acted like goddamned fools, and it looked like they were celebrating a 'chip, not a Game 3 win.

Our advice for them? RELAX. The last thing you want to do is give LeBron James & Co. extra motivation to come in and play well in Game 4. Save these kinds of stunts for when you actually clinch the series.

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[via Sports Illustrated]