This seeing eye dog definitely deserves a promotion. The dog, which is currently in training to become a guide for the blind, was taking a test on a sidewalk in San Rafael, Calif. recently when, out of nowhere, a black car came barreling toward the two trainers who were conducting the test. And the dog sprung into action immediately.

Although you can't hear anything in this security video, it's clear that the dog turns around and sees the car coming towards the two instructors a few seconds before they notice. It's also clear that the dog barks to get their attention. And as a result, the men are able to go around the corner and save themselves from getting hit by the car.

"He reacted probably two seconds before I did," one of the instructors said later. "He turned around and saw it, then I turned around and saw it. The worst could have happened…It's pretty incredible nobody got hurt."

It most certainly is. We think it's safe to say the dog passed his test with flying colors.

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[via Huffington Post]