Saleen was best known for making the amazing S7 supercar, and for tuned Mustangs that exhibited an amazing level of quality on the interior. This, of course, was before founder Steve Saleen lost control of the company, it went through some serious financial trouble, and then the founder won it back in court.

Now the company is about to launch a bunch of new cars. What we know is that the following are coming:

  • Tuned versions of the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger that could offer as much as 700 hp.
  • A new supercar that might be based on the S5S Raptor concept (shown above).
  • Electric and zero-emission vehicles (really?)
  • Acessories for American performance cars.

Sounds like Steve is wasting no time in getting his company right back to where he wanted it to be all along.

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[via World Car Fans