How do like to play the game? Online? With your teammates?

I like to actually beat the game first, the actual campaign and then go online, play with my teammates and everything.

Do you bring the game with you on the road during the season?

Most hotels aren't as good as your Wi-Fi at home, so I don't bring it on the road as much, but I definitely play it at home when I get done with the road trip.

Who on the Pacers is your toughest competition?

Toughest competition? Paul George and Jeff Pendergraph are probably two of the best players on our team.

Do you guys have your own online clan? 


I don't know how I look when I'm on the court to tell you the truth, I'm just focused.


Just me and my boy. We just play. We run and gun. That's about it.

You like to play tough and physical. Does the intensity of Call of Duty ever help get you mentally prepared for your on-court approach?

I play before games here and there, if I have enough time. I have to get my pregame bath in. Honestly, when you play a lot before you go to bed, it gets you amped up and it gets you going, so I could see that. 

Do you have the same mean-looking game face when you play Call of Duty?

I don't know how I look when I'm on the court to tell you the truth, I'm just focused. 

What are some of your other favorite video games?

I like Sonic and all those types of games, and Sega Genesis. It's amazing how far gaming has come.

Outside of E3, what else have you been up to this summer so far?

I have done nothing. I've just been resting, sitting down, playing on the couch, eating good and just relaxing. I'm taking a month off, so I'll get back to work July 1.

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