Are the Houston Rockets going to turn into one of the best teams in the entire NBA almost overnight this summer? It's a possibility.

According to a report that was published by the Houston Chronicle over the weekend, the Rockets are reportedly going to make a strong push to try and sign both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul when they become free agents in July. We've known that the Rockets are interested in signing Howard for awhile now. But the news about them being interested in signing CP3 is new and adds a totally different dimension to this summer's free agency period. If the Rockets were somehow able to convince both Howard and Paul to sign with them, they would instantly turn into one of the best teams in the NBA with a "Big 3" of Howard, Paul, and James Harden that would rival the other "Big 3" in Miami as well as the talent on any other NBA team. And it sounds like Houston is going to make a really strong push to try and get them both to sign.

"They are targets No. 1 and 1A," a source familiar with the Rockets' summer plans told the Chronicle.

Does that mean Howard and Paul landing in Houston is a done deal? Not by a long shot. But in order to sign both players, the Rockets would need to shed some salary in the coming weeks. So don't be surprised to see them start wheeling and dealing in order to accumulate enough cap space to make a push for both players. And if they get 'em, watch out. Houston would turn into a title contender immediately.

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