They've been playing since Halloween, they're tired, battered, some of them are "old" their knee joints are as worn down as our nation's groupies when the season (finally) ends. And yet they're exactly where they want to be, a handful of wins away from a parade filled with cliches about how they're "already thinking of next year." 

Maybe LeBron and Wade can team up for some moments worthy of immortalization on their quest for back-to-back Larry O'Brien's. Or, maybe Tim Duncan can solidify his place as one of the greatest players of all time with another ring in the twilight moments of his career. Can anyone "rise up" on the worldwide stage where analysts are brimming with storylines? If the Heat win the coverage will no doubt surround whether or not King James can dethrone "His Airness"  and if the Heat lose the coverage will no doubt surround whether LeBron is "truly great" (wait, who are the Spurs again?) 

What you don't have to wait for are the ultimate moments of Finals history because they have already been etched in our memories. Images of Steve Kerr's game winner or Willis Reed limping out of the tunnel. Whether they brought you joy or anger we still appreciate these once in a lifetime moments because of what they meant. Check out the 25 Most Iconic NBA Finals Moments (that could be harnessed by the limited power of YouTube).