If you asked us to guess what Mark Sanchez did last night about an hour ago, we probably would have offered up a response that included words like "dark room," "crying," "voodoo doll," and "Tim Tebow." But as it turns out, Sanchez—who is easily one of the most hated athletes in the NFL right now—had a pretty amazing time last night. He took some sort of trip to Napa Valley with a couple of hot female friends, drank a crapload of wine, took off his shirt, danced, and…well, let's just say that he was definitely about that YOLO lifestyle last night.

But the fun is over for the Sanchize now. That's because one of his friends Alana Kari posted videos of Sanchez's night on Vine earlier today. And even though she deleted them later, someone got a hold of the Vines before they came down and threw them up on YouTube. So now, we can all see just how much fun Sanchez had courtesy of the video above. Enjoy!

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[via The Big Lead]