A 24-year-old man nearly died earlier this week when he lost control of his SUV and crashed it into a house in Jacksonvile, Fla. The SUV—which crashed through a mailbox and a bunch of bushes before finally coming into contact with the home—was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed just prior to the accident. So when the car crashed into the house, the driver was thrown from the vehicle.

Fortunately, though, the man landed in a safe place after he was ejected from the SUV—on a couch. And while he was still rushed to the hospital with what were believed to be life-threatening injuries, things could have been much, much worse for him. He could have been thrown into a wooden piece of furniture, a kitchen counter, or even a wall. But due to the fact that he landed on the couch, the man's fall was cushioned. So he's currently in stable condition in a local hospital.

Lucky doesn't even begin to describe it.

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[via The Florida-Times Union]