For the last few weeks, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers have gone back and forth, discussing the possibility of acquiring the right to hire head coach Doc Rivers. Even after Rivers informed the Clippers that he was no longer interested in the team's coaching position, the Clippers intensified talks once again after Chris Paul forced the team to continue their pursuit of Doc.

Now, according to Yahoo! Sports, it looks like the Clippers and Celtics have agreed upon a deal that will give the C's an unprotected 2015 first-round pick in exchange for the rights to hire Rivers. It is also being reported that Doc and the Clippers have reached an agreement on a new three-year, $21 million contract. So, everything's good to go, right? Not necessarily. There's one big hurdle to clear and that's getting the league to approve the deal.

Earlier this week, Stern told ESPN Radio that he would veto any such trade involving Rivers because the deal violates the NBA's collective bargaining agreement. “The teams are aware that the collective bargaining agreement doesn’t authorize trades involving coaches’ contracts,” Stern said. So, Clippers fans, don't get too excited just yet.   

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