Could a change of scenery be in the cards for LaMarcus Aldridge? Even though the Portland Trail Blazers have solid pieces for the future in 2012-13 Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard and J.J. Hickson, the team is still going through a rebuilding process that, according to Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald, Aldridge wants no part of it and already has his sights on a new destination. 

Word is, Aldridge wants to escape from Portland’s rebuilding project and has made it known that he’d like to land in Chicago.

Deng for Aldridge won’t get it done. The Blazers want Joakim Noah in return and the Bulls don’t want to give up the superior defensive big man.

Here’s one way to get Portland’s attention: Offer Deng and Charlotte’s future No. 1 pick. The Bulls are counting on that Bobcats’ pick (acquired for Thomas, ironically), to pay off big, because it’s unprotected in 2016.

For the Bulls fans out there, would you like to see Aldridge rocking a Chicago jersey next season at the cost of possibly losing Deng? After all, Derrick Rose and LaMarcus would make for one heck of a one-two punch. That is, of course, whenever D-Rose does make his long-awaited return.

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[via The Big Lead]