Indiana Hoosier basketball fans don't mess around. On the morning of the 2013 NBA Draft, a contingent of Hoosier faithful waited to see Indy native Cody Zeller make an appearance at the LIDS store in Times Square, before it was even open. In one of the more surprising selections of last night, Michael Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats took Zeller with the 4th overall pick, ahead of higher ranked prospects, like Nerlens Noel and Ben McLemore.

We caught up with Cody at LIDS to discuss his family rivalry with brothers and now fellow NBA players Tyler and Luke, and his recent troubles while flying in coach.

Interview by Justin Block (@JBlock49)

It’s finally Draft Day. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

I’m excited. Not nervous at all. Pretty relaxed. I’ve done all these workouts and interviews and everything, but at this point, I don’t have any control over it anymore.

So you feel as prepared as you’re ever going to be.

Yeah, definitely. I can’t do anything else about it, so I’ll just see how it plays out.

Your two older brothers, Tyler and Luke, have seen action in the NBA. As the youngest of the Zeller trio, what have they told you about the draft process and your upcoming rookie season?

Not a whole lot. They just told me to enjoy it all. I’m close to both of them, so I’m always asking a lot of questions to both of them. They just talked about how long the season was, and I think that’ll be the biggest adjustment for me. 


We’re all definitely very competitive, so we were making everything into a competition, whether it was basketball or anything else.


Have they given you any advice about day-to-day NBA life and how to handle it? You're traveling a lot, in a lot of different cities, you've got a little money, there's constant attention…

Not too much. Just 82 games, it wears on you mentally and physically.

Do you think that your body is ready to adjust to a longer schedule?

Yeah, I think so, especially with how good these organizations are. Your body is a big deal, so they give you all the best.

Growing up, what kind of brothers were they to you? Overbearing? Mean? Competitive? What was it like around the Zeller household?

We’re all definitely very competitive, so we were making everything into a competition, whether it was basketball or anything else.

Who won the one-on-one games in the backyard growing up?

I was always younger, so I was always getting my butt kicked.

What about now? Do you think you could beat both of them?

It’d be close, but yeah.

Are you looking forward to playing against Tyler or Luke next season? What's the strategy if you get matched up against him in the post?

I think all of us will have our scouting reports down pretty well. But it’ll be fun. It’ll be different playing against them, with a lot of fans watching. Usually it’s just us, alone in the gym or whatever.

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