We don't want to sell Chris Kluwe short here. If you missed his interview on Conan last night, please watch the entire thing, like, now. Kluwe has caught a lot of heat over the last year or two for being outspoken on a number of issues. But last night, he got the chance to speak on his own behalf on Conan and he came across really, really well. We enjoyed listening to him talk about everything from his nerdy online gaming addiction to his gay marriage advocacy.

But the thing that's catching a lot of attention this morning is the slick Aaron Hernandez joke that he worked into his interview with Conan O'Brien. At one point, Conan asked the Raiders punter if the NFL bothered him after he spoke up in support of gay marriage a few months back. And he said that they didn't, while simultaneously throwing some shade in Hernandez's direction.

"They pretty much just left me alone," he said. "As long as you're not out shooting people…"

Ziiiiiiing. Normally we would hit Kluwe with a "too soon" here. But his joke was very well played. If you want to hear it for yourself, press play on the clip above and fast forward to the 3:20 mark. But as we said earlier, don't sleep on the rest of the interview. It was a good one.

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[via Eye On Football]