We may have to rescind what we said earlier today. When we heard that Chad Johnson had received 30 days in jail for slapping his lawyer on the backside after his lawyer managed to work out a plea deal for his recent probation violation, we called Johnson a "total jackass." But after watching this clip, it doesn't really look like the former NFL star was trying to be funny. In fact, it looks like he was genuinely trying to thank his lawyer for getting him out of some serious trouble when he hit him on the behind during his hearing in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

That being said, Johnson did make most of the courtroom burst out into laughter when he delivered the love tap to his lawyer. And that is a direct result of the fact that he's been pulling childish pranks and doing dumb stuff for laughs for years now. So while he probably didn't really deserve the punishment the judge gave him, he can't blame anyone but himself for what happened here. Watch the clip above to see the uncomfortable moment for yourself.

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[via TMZ]