Are you into fashion? 

Yeah, a little bit.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

My style is very laid back. Just wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and kicks.

Like, what you've got on right now. 

[Laughs.] Yeah. I'm not that far into fashion like these other guys, but I'll step outside the boundaries every once and a while. 


Just a little fashion-jacking, ain't nothing wrong with that.


What would you say is a must-have item for the summer?

Maybe some cool J's. 

Are you into Jordans?

Yeah, big time. 

What are your top three?

The 3s, 4s and 11s. 

At the end-of-season interviews, you and Wall were debating over who was more "swaggy." [Laughter.] So, at this very moment, who's more swaggy?

I would honestly love to say me, but it's John. I actually steal some of the stuff he wears and I try to incorporate it into my own fashion. He's been in the league a little more, so I'll give it him but next year, it's going to be different.  

What's one thing you stole from him?

I wouldn't say what he wore, but how he wore it. Just a little fashion-jacking, ain't nothing wrong with that. 

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