When you found out about the final voting for the 2013 Rookie of the Year, where you came in third, did you want to demand a recount? 

Nah, Damian definitely deserved it. He played well throughout the whole year and had a huge impact on his team. If I didn't get injured, I believe I would've had a better shot at winning, but Damian proved himself and he's definitely going to be a great player for years to come. 

Going into this year's draft, what needs would you like to see the Wizards address?

I don't know because when we have a healthy roster, we are a good team. We'll just have to see because I believe we have all the pieces. Maybe a big man, a couple back-ups, but we have a solid squad right now.  

After one year in the league, what was one of the most difficult things you dealt with when making the transition from college to the NBA?


No one really trash talked me [in my first year]. They all respected me and my game.


One is how long the season is. Two, the IQ of the players. As a two, you gotta see the guys I have to guard on a nightly basis, like Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant or J.R. Smith. I have to be mentally prepared and battle-tested. 

When you did have to guard Kobe, was there any trash talking from him? 

That's one question I get often, but actually, no one really trash talked me. They all respected me and my game. It was pretty cool. I kinda expected Kobe to say a few words but he didn't. 

So, did you receive any rookie treatment from your teammates?

No, I have great vets. I tell them I love them everyday. The worst thing I had to do was carry Gatorades after games, but that's not bad at all. 

What's one piece of advice you would give to the upcoming NBA draft class?

Just to work hard from day one at training camp and don't think you're entitled to anything. Also, make sure you're physically and mentally prepared because it's a long season. 

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