With Doc Rivers nearly out the door, the Boston Celtics will be on the search for a new head coach. While logical choices like Brian Shaw and Nate McMillan have already been thrown around, one former player went on Twitter to put his name in the hat as well and that is Antoine Walker. No, really. We're not joking.

After hearing the news of Doc-to-Clippers deal, Walker sent out the following message three times within an hour:

He followed that tweet up by saying this:

Hey, we're all for younger coaches in the NBA, but c'mon...c'mon! Look, if 'Toine handles a head coaching position like he's handled his finances, the Celtics are screwed. Look, it's going to be a rebuilding process from the ground up for the C's and the last thing they need is a guy with too many question marks to set them back even further.       

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]