Aaron Hernandez will not be getting out of jail anytime soon.

Just a few minutes ago, Judge Renee P. Dupois denied his request for bail after hearing arguments from both Hernandez's lawyers and the Assistant District Attorney in the case. Hernandez's lawyers talked extensively about his family life, the fact that he is a homeowner, and his career as a football player. They also told the judge that they do not feel as though Hernandez is a flight risk and said that Hernandez has complied with the requests of the authorities throughout their investigation. However, that was not enough to convince Judge Dupois to change yesterday's decision to deny Hernandez bail.

Part of that is because of the seriousness of the murder charge against Hernandez. And part of it is because Bristol County Assistant District Attorney William McCauley made some fairly big revelations while arguing against Hernandez's right to bail. He revealed that police executed a search warrant at a condominium owned by Hernandez yesterday and also searched a Hummer owned by Hernandez outside of the condo. He said that a clip to a .45 caliber firearm—which is the same type of firearm that was used to kill Odin Lloyd—was found in the console of the Hummer. He also said that additional ammunition was found inside of the condo and again made a strong case against Hernandez for his alleged role in the murder of Lloyd.

All of that led Judge Dupois to deny Hernandez bail. He will now be returned to jail while he awaits trial.

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