Do you love the University of Oregon football team? Do you love Volkswagen Beetles? Do you like to stand out in a crowd? Then, we've got just the car for you!

Recently, the Oregon Athletic Department put this one-of-a-kind 1973 Volkswagen Beetle helmet car up for sale. It does't run, it's not meant to be driven, and outside of the gigantic helmet that sits on top of it, it doesn't have much going for it on the exterior of the car. But it does have some pretty neat features inside. For instance, the seats "are designed to look like a football with laces and Nike Swoosh." Additionally, it's had a CD player installed so that it can play tunes while you've got it on display. And, well, okay…that's about it. As you might expect, the main selling feature of this helmet car is—you guessed it!—the helmet.

But if you're still interested in picking it up, the U of O Volkswagen Beetle helmet car is up for auction over here. Check out some additional images of it in the thumbs gallery above and then go and place your bid!

[via Dr. Saturday]