VGJR: "I don't really have any drivers that I would say I look up to or idolize. Even when I was starting, I've never really been that kind of guy. I've just always been like, I like doing this, and I have a lot of respect for other people's accomplishments. I would say there's a lot of things that I've been inspired by, and people from a lot of different sports. From the motocross industry, to skateboarding, to growing up playing baseball, and soccer, I've been fortunate enough to cross paths with a lot of inspiring people. There's definitely not just one. A lot of it also comes from support from my friends and family, as well.

"I was raised to try new things. I think I owe a lot of my competitive nature to my parents, for sure, for always supporting the crazy shit that I wanted to do. I would say that was inspiring me when I had this crazy dream to become a pro driver. They didn't even hinder me, that wasn't even an option in my head."