VGJR: "It's funny because a lot of people were kind of like, 'oh, I wanna do this,' and they go, and they practice, and they teach themselves. And for me, getting into drifting was just kind of like a natural progression of my life. My father was a huge car wholesaler and he always had cool hotrods and just cool cars. I always would ask him to do burnouts, and he would do donuts and power slides for me, and I always remembered loving that. When I was four, I got a go-kart, and I vividly remember going as fast as I could down the straightaway, pulling the paddle brake, and making it slide. Throughout my younger and teenage years, I was into skating and BMX and racing motocross, and just action sports.

"When I turned 18, I got a rear-wheel drive car, and I used to just go play around in industrial parks, doing donuts and sliding around turns, and just having fun before I even knew what drifting was. And then a few years later, somebody showed me a video of drifting in Japan. I was just blown away at this sport where you could just basically show your style and personality behind the wheel of a car doing those things, and I just kind of fell in love with it.

"It was right around that time when drifting started here in the U.S. In California, there was just some rumblings of it going around, and there were some events here on the East Coast where I'm from. I attended those events and that's really where I just fell in love with the sport, the scene, the lifestyle around it. It was just me. And that's where I decided to chase this dream that I'm living and still chasing at the same time."