Typically, when you hear about a NASCAR race being stopped because of injuries, some type of accident between cars has taken place. But when yesterday's Coca-Cola 600 in Concord, N.C. was stopped shortly after Lap 121 of the race, it was not because of an accident that took place between cars. Instead, the race was halted because one of FOX's TV cables snapped. As a result, several fans were injured and a few of the cars involved in the race were damaged as well.

"Ten fans were injured when a nylon rope fell over the grandstands in Turn 4 on Lap 121 of tonight's race," Charlotte Motor Speedway officials said in a statement. "Several fans were treated for minor cuts and scrapes at on-site care centers and released. Three people were transported to an area hospital for further evaluation."

Kevin Harvick eventually won the race. After it ended, FOX released a statement saying that they will launch an investigation into how and why the TV cable snapped. We're just glad that more injuries and damage weren't reported. From the sound of things, this incident could have been much worse than it was.

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[via FOX Sports]