Former Lions wide receiver Titus Young needs help. In the last ten days, he has been arrested on not one, not two, but three different occasions. And his father believes he knows why. During an interview with The Detroit News yesterday, Richard Young revealed that his son has a brain disorder that he hasn't gotten the proper treatment for—and he fears that, without that treatment, he's going to continue to behave erratically.

"He's not dealing with it the way he should be," says Richard Young, who couldn't remember the name of the disorder during the interview. "If the judge [in his recent criminal cases] gives him a court order, then maybe he'll get the help he needs."

Young says the disorder is a result of his son's brain "being compressed into the front of his skull" and added that it may have resulted from a concussion that he sustained during his rookie season with the Lions. But he also pointed out that his son hasn't taken medication prescribed to him or seen a doctor in months, which has only made the disorder worse. Hopefully, he starts doing both of those things and gets back on the right path. Otherwise, we fear what might happen to him next.

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[via Detroit News]