Given the chance to spend $171,000 on a car, most people would not be considering that they could consider a rusted out old piece of crap that doesn't run. Amazingly, there are people out there who think that sounds brilliant. Weirdly, the price of this borderline ruined Jaguar E-Type was driven up by the fact that it's one of the last E-Types ever made with uncomfortable footwells.

Yes, some guy just bought a ruined Jag that's significantly less comfortable than all but a few other E-Types and paid a $100,000-ish premium for it.

This is because there are very few "flat floor" jags left. After receiving complaints about a lack of room in the footwell Jaguar dropped the floor a little, making the car a much more pleasant place to be. Rarity is sometimes the most important feature for some people, however, so this sold for $171,000.


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[via Jalopnik]