As much as some fans and athletes try to deny it, an NBA championship holds more weight than any regular season accolades or broken records ever could. When you think Michael Jordan you don't think "14-time All-Star," you think "six-time NBA champion." Same goes for Bill Russell. The greatest center of all time is primarily known for his unmatched 11 rings.

Then there's the guys like Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, and Karl Malone who are all among the greatest players of all time but will always be associated with being ringless. But what about the ballers on the other end of the spectrum who had mediocre careers at best but ended up with one, two, three, or more rings due to the play of their Hall of Fame teammates? Draft busts like Adam Morrison who rode the bench as the Lakers won back-to-back titles or D-League ballers like Gabe Pruitt who had no business being in the L but somehow got a ring before execs figured it out. This list is dedicated to them. Here are the 25 Worst NBA Players to Win an NBA Championship.

Written by James Bedell (@iamjamesbedell)

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