Date: May 30-June 11, 1999
Teams and result: New York Knicks over Indiana Pacers in six games.

Half a decade after being denied a shot at the title in a Jordanless Eastern Conference, the Pacers got a chance for vengeance over their tormentors from the nation's largest market.

Games 1 and 2 were decided by a total of five points and resulted in a split. Game 3 was decided by one after Larry Johnson electrified MSG with a controversial four-point play; it was the type of play that could demoralize a team but Indy came back strong the next game with a 12-point victory. The Knicks then dominated the fourth quarters of Games 5 and 6, giving the eight seeded New Yorkers, in a strike shortened season, an invitation to the NBA Finals, while the Pacers missed yet another opportunity for Reggie to get a ring.