Date: May 22-June 1, 1995
Teams and result: Houston Rockets over San Antonio Spurs in six games.

This series shocked the Spurs who had the league's best record and were 15 games up on the Rockets when the final regular season buzzer sounded. The Rockets had also gone to the maximum amount of games in their first two playoff series.

But when the ultimate Western Conference showdown was played (not on paper), Hakeem Olajuwon completely clowned regular season MVP David Robinson in a bout between marquee centers. 'Big Shot" Rob Horry hit a game winning three for Houston in the first verse of the series with 6.5 seconds left. The Rockets then easily won Game 2 making a sweep look entirely possible, but the Spurs won two straight games in Houston to make this battle of Texas interesting.

Alas, the Rockets creamed San Antonio in Game 5 and in a tight Game 6,  'The Dream' had 39 points and 17 boards, helping Houston pull out a five-point squeaker. In the epilogue Hakeem proceeded to spank a young Shaq in the NBA Finals for a repeat title season. In a league lacking a Bulls team with a fully focused MJ the Rockets were king.