Date: May 19-May 30, 1987
Teams and result: Boston Celtics over Detroit Pistons in seven games.

This series was an offensive explosion with both teams scoring over 100 in every game, with the lone exception being Detroit in Game 1. They made up for it by going for 145 (including 25 by Vinnie Johnson off the bench) in the fourth game to even the series. In Game 5, Larry Bird scored 36 points and iced the game by stealing Isiah Thomas's inbounds pass and giving it to Dennis Johnson for a layup with a second left to win by one.

Detroit bounced back for Game 6 to set up a (literally) sweltering Game 7 in Boston Garden that approached 90 degrees because of no air conditioning. The Celtics finished strong and sealed the series with a 117-114 win.