Team(s): Bulls
Stats: 179 G, 33.4 PPG, 6.4 RPG, 5.7 APG, 28.6 PER
Playoff accolades: 6x NBA Champion (in six Finals appearances), 6x Finals MVP
Playoff highlights

When you think about MJ's superlative playoff resume, it's funny to reflect on all the guys he has made famous purely by victimizing them on the court. From Craig Ehlo in 1988 to Byron Russell in the 1998 Finals, Jordan had a knack for leaving a trail of hapless defenders in his wake as he stampeded his way to playoff immortality. His 33.4 points per game are by far the most in history, approached only by Allen Iverson's 29.7 and Jerry West's 29.1, and his 28.6 PER also makes him the most efficient player in the history of the playoffs. And oh yeah, those six rings and six Finals MVP awards in six tries and no Game 7s don't hurt his case as the best ever, either.